CurriculumThe school’s timetable identifies the teaching of the core subjects: English, maths, science and Religious Education (RE). English and maths are taught mainly during the morning sessions and are based on the new curriculum. There is an emphasis on whole class teaching with follow up work, which matches the needs of individual pupils. Where relevant pupils are engaged in practical, investigative work which may involve small group work or role play.

Science is taught weekly and follows a scheme of work based on the programmes of study from the National Curriculum.

Computing skills are taught mainly in group and class sessions throughout the school year. Opportunities are planned to enable children to apply, develop, consolidate and extend their knowledge, skills and understanding of computers within cross-curricular work.

To maintain a balance within the curriculum all other subject areas will be taught focusing on the development of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge within each subject throughout the key stages. A common theme/topic may support the development of these skills to allow children to make connections within their learning.

At the beginning of each term parents will be given information about the content of the term’s work for their child’s class and ideas on how to support this work at home.

Throughout the school, work which matches individual needs is planned so that children who are more able can be extended or children who have special educational needs can be given special attention. Wherever possible, children’s individual needs are catered for within the classroom situation.

Curriculum Montage

The children are encouraged to learn through their active involvement in experiences that are real to them. Emphasis is placed on the local environment to stimulate the children’s interest and awareness of their surroundings. Educational visits form an important part of the work within the school. Parents may be asked to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of visits.
More details of our yearly plans can be found on this website.

School assemblies are held for approximately 15 minutes each day including an act of collective worship. From time to time, visiting speakers, teaching staff, classes or individual pupils lead an assembly.

NB Parents who wish to withdraw their children from collective worship or RE should let the school know of their intention in writing.

You can read our individual subject plans on our Curriculum Overview page.

Grammar and Punctuation Progression

Remote Education Provision 2021

Termly Over View BHF


Class 1 – Topic Overview Summer Term 2023 – Minibeasts


Class 1 – Topic Overview Spring Term 2023 – Transport

Class 2 – Topic Overview Spring Term 2023 – Diverse Landscapes

Class 3 – Topic Overview Spring 2023 – Crime and Punishment


Class 1 – Topic Overview Autumn 2022 – Heroes

Class 2 – Topic Overview Autumn Term 2022 – Egyptians

Class 3 – Topic Overview Autumn 2022: Land, Life, Livelihood


RE Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Overview